Zappa - 1978 Project Object, NY

Frank Zappa - Project-Object - Bootleg
(Live recordings from the 21 September 1978 concert at Mair Hall, MHCC, Poughkeepsie, New York, USA).

00:00 Prelude To Bobby Brown 2:50
02:50 Bobby Brown 2:56
05:46 Conehead 6:08
11:54 Moe's Vacation 1:18
13:12 I Have Been in You 7:57
21:09 The Little House I Used to Live In 8:52
30:01 Tell Me You Love Me 2:42
32:43 Yo Mama 9:04

1978 musicians: Frank Zappa, Denny Walley, Ike Willis, Tommy Mars, Peter Wolf, Vinnie Colaiuta, Ed Mann and Arthur Barrow

The "instrumental" track from these bootlegs is some kind of piano/keyboard solo from "A Pound for a Brown on the Bus", some of which is probably compsed by Peter Wolf.
"Moe's Vacation" track is the early stages of "Mo & Herb's Vacation", a shorter version for drums, bass and marimba (exquisite!). "I Have Been in You" has a long intro like the one on Stage #6, "Is This Guy Kidding or What". "Little House I Used to Live In" is the orchestrated intro from "Little House I Used to Live in" followed by a vocal improvisation by Tommy Mars, a bit of a drum solo and a fade-out.

The Project-Obejct bootleg claims to be "phase two of Conceptual Continuity". It has a cover very similar to the Conceptual Continuity bootleg, and may have been made by the same people, but phase two of that bootleg is actually issued as Marvellous Stunner. Project-Object was released in 1980 (pressed in 3200 copies) and re-released on CD in 1991. The cover is a black & white insert. The disc has "Project Object" on it; the cover has "Project-Object". When Zappa wrote the phrase himself, he would write it "Project/Object".
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