Wik - Flute Music Improv inside the Cathedral Schizzo col flauto n°3

Wik Improvisation with flute inside the Cathedral I'm sole author & owner of this song. Title: "Schizzo col flauto 3" (Flute Sketch). Contacts:
ITA improvvisazione col flauto dolce.
P Improvisação flauta (reverberation)
CIN 即兴与长笛 - 音乐.
DEU Plötzlich wurde die Flöte
FRA Musique de flûte - spirituelle.
ARA الارتجال مع الناي
SWE flöjt Improv musikk.
ESP improvisación música espiritual, mística
Its a spiritual music, transcendent and mystical: music for the soul, with "ask & answer" impromptu with delay and reverb games.
Here another my old composition Christmas Song: - 長笛音樂 .
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