Vinyl Messiah - 20 Year Anniversary!

Want to share your memories about your time at Vinyl Messiah? Send me an email at . Better yet, send me a video and I'll post it on this channel.

Thanks to everyone who partied with us during those magical moments.

My brother Derek and I opened Vinyl Messiah in 1993. It was an all ages club in Kitchener, Ontario. The party would start every Friday at 11:00 pm and blaze on until 6:00 am. The resident DJ's for that night were Andrew Greville, Jay Bowman, Dave Riehl and Chad Pescod.

Electronic music was still very fresh at the time and the mainstay for DJ's back then was turntables and records. That's why I came up with the name Vinyl Messiah.

My brother Derek was the real hero in all of this because he was the one who went to the bank and borrowed $10 000 to get it all going. He wasn't a DJ but he believed in me and helped me make my dream a reality. He put his name and money on the line and I'll be forever grateful to him for that. I love you bro.

Jay, Andrew and I were from Cambridge and knew each other in our high school years. We met when we were 16 and hit it off immediately as we had a common passion-music. Before we opened the club we spent a lot of time hanging out at Jay's and Andrew's playing records, listening to mix tapes, record shopping at Play De Record. We were tight.

It was Andrew who knew Dave Riehl and I met him about a year before opening the club. He was our Kitchener connection and played a very key role in our success. Not only was he our connection to the Kitchener crew, but he was also our Drum N Bass guy. Me, Andrew and Jay were into House and Techno and Dave added a flavour that was much needed.

I've kept in touch with Jay and Andrew but haven't talked with Dave in years. I think I'll try to track him down and get an interview out of him.
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