V.A. - The Iron Muse: A Panorama of Industrial Folk Song (1993)

V.A. - The Iron Muse: A Panorama of Industrial Folk Song (1993)
Material released between 1962-1975.

Track list:
The Sandgate Girl's Lament/Elsie Marley - The High Level Ranters
Doon the Waggonway - The High Level Ranters
A Miner's Life - Tommy Gilfellon
The Coal-Owner and the Pitman's Wife - Ewan MacColl
The Trimdon Grange Explosion - Louis Killen
The Blackleg Miners - Louis Killen
The Auchengeich Disaster - Dick Gaughan
Ee Aye, Aa Cud Hew - Ed Pickford
The Durham Lockout - Maureen Craik
Aa'm Glad the Strike's Done - The High Level Ranters
The Weaver's March - The Celebrated Working Man's Band
The Spinner's Song - Ray Fisher
Oh Dear Me - Ewan MacColl
The Doffing Mistress - Anne Briggs
The Little Piecer - Dave Brooks
The Hand-Loom Weaver's Lament - Harry Boardman
The Dundee Lassie - Ray Fisher
Success to the Weavers - The Oldham Tinkers
Fourpence a Day - Ewan MacColl
Up the Raw - Louis Killen
Bonny Woodha' - Dick Gaughan
The Banks of the Dee - Louis Killen
The Row Between the Cages - Bob Davenport
Aw Wish Pay Friday Would Come - Louis Killen
Keep Your Feet Still, Georgie Hinny - Louis Killen
Farewell to the Monty - Louis Killen

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