German Video Show w/ Gloria Deluxe -- Dec 1985 (?)

***To see a version of this with the ads edited out, click . This video starts with a vintage ad for Fine Young Cannibals' first album because i thought it was kinda cool. The video show starts at 0:30 and the Gloria Deluxe stuff starts at 2:21.***
Gloria Deluxe-- great songs, pretty atypical of the mid-80s, and the singer plays a handsaw in the second song(!) I'm guessing this is late 1985 because of the release dates for the records that appear in the ads (Fine Young Cannibals, Charlie Sexton, Jane Wieldin), and also the release date of "Back to the Future" (which also appears in an ad). I left the ads in because they give a great idea of what was happening musically at the time -- I might put up a version with ads edited out if anyone wants that. I must've taped this from MTV or one of the local stations -- don't remember. The video show is called "Die Uberfallige Tod Der Musick" -- can't find anything about it.

0:01 Fine Young Cannibals album ad (partial)
0:30 Beginning of video show
1:17 Charlie Sexton album ad
1:48 Jane Wiedlin album ad
2:22 Gloria Deluxe "Cheap Two-Face Star"
4:57 Gloria Deluxe news story
5:54 Gloria Deluxe "All Alone"
9:53 Wendy's ad
10:24 "Back to the Future"ad

I apologize for the terrible audio and video quality -- I pulled this from a VHS that 27+ years old. Enjoy! And, if you did actually enjoy, check out my YouTube Channel -- I'm digitizing a bunch of music stuff from the 80s I have on old VHS tapes.
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